Air Filter

Clean the air entering the engine, remove harmful particulates.

Oil Filter

Remove impurities,  and contaminants, from lubricating oil.

Fuel Filter

Remove impurities, water, and sediment from fuel sources.

Cabin Air Filter

Purify the air entering a vehicle's cabin, eliminating allergens, dust, and pollutants.

Fuel Water Separator

Separate water from the fuel,protect the engine from damage,enhance performance.

Hydraulic Filter
Hydraulic Filter

Removes damaging particulates by forcing hydraulic fluid through a porous filter element.

Air Oil Separator
Air Oil Separator

Removes any oil particles from the air entering the intercooler and returns to oil pan.

Breather Filter
Breather Filter

Prevent these contaminated vapours from re-entering the engine.

Coolant Filter
Coolant Filter

Control the pH, flow rate and boiling point of the coolant, permit use of formulated coolant.

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OEM Customization Service

Filtraflux specializes in offering OEM customization services to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We understand the importance of tailored solutions and the need for products that align perfectly with your specifications and branding.
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  • Unmatched Quality and Precision.
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Having our own raw material factory, grants Filtraflux greater control over the quality and cost to meet your diverse needs.

Fast & Reliable Quality

Filtraflux possesses strong production capacity, rigorous and efficient production process ensures the high quality and speedy delivery.

Variety of Filters

Panel, Cylindrical, Oval or Conical Filters; Pre-filtration, Standard Filtration or High-efficiency Filtration; for Heavy Machinery or Small Vehicles.

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Provide free samples for your inspection or testing, relieving you of any worries.

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