About Cablin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter is to filter the air entering the cabin from the outside to improve the cleanliness of the air.

Providing a good air environment for the passengers in the car, protecting the health of the people in the car, and preventing glass atomization.

The general filtering substances refer to impurities contained in the air, such as tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust.

There are three main types of cabin air filters: Ordinary Filter Paper Cabin Filters, Activated Carbon Cabin Filters and HEPA Cabin Filters.

  • Ordinary Filter Paper Cabin Filter mainly refers to a filter element whose filter layer is made of ordinary filter paper or non-woven fabric. By folding the white filament non-woven fabric to form pleats of a certain thickness, air filtration is achieved.
  • Activated Carbon Cabin Filter is based on the fiber filter layer, adds an activated carbon layer, and upgrades single-effect filtration to double-effect filtration. The fiber filter layer filters impurities such as smoke and pollen in the air, and the activated carbon layer adsorbs harmful gases such as toluene, thereby achieving double-effect filtration.
  • HEPA Cabin Filter has a very powerful filtration ability for particulate matter. It can not only block dust and adsorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde, but also filter 99.5% of PM2.5 particles. It is currently the best among all filter materials in filtering PM2.5. The HEPA multi-effect cabin filter is based on the “activated carbon double-effect filter” and adds a medical-grade HEPA melt-blown layer to maximize the filtration efficiency of the cabin filter without losing air flow.

Cabin Air Filters Catalog

Photo Part No. Dimension Cross Reference
CAM880003 CAM880003 300*273*55 P536429
CAM880004 CAM880004 380.9*100.9*68.3 P606090
CAM880005 CAM880005 Φ155*Φ88*229 P627028
CAM880007 CAM880007 Φ153*Φ85*240 4178134
CAM880008 CAM880008 300*146*35 40040100357
40040200079 CAM880009 287*220*27 40040200079
5000957 CAM880013 260*233*42 5000957
P781176 CAM880014 600*123*24 P781176
8438400A07 CAM880015 217*201*32 8438400A07
AT315957 CAM880017 665*88*15 AT315957
Filters are extensively used in various industries and applications


Automotives and Motorcycles
Public Transportation Vehicles
Marine and Offshore Applications
Constructions and Agricultural Equipments
Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Air Compressors

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