OEM High Qaulity Fuel Water Separator

Our Fuel Water Separator is suitable for various applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial, and is renowned for its durability, efficiency, and reliability. With Filtraflux, you can trust in our commitment to quality and our years of expertise in delivering high-performing filtration solutions. Choose our Fuel Water Separator for superior engine protection and peace of mind.

About Fuel Water Separator

Fuel water separator is an important part of fuel system.

A fuel water separator is a device that works to ensure clean fuel is delivered to the engine. Properly speaking, a fuel water separator is a small filtering device, acts as an added line of defence for your vehicle’s fuel system, filtering water and particulates from the fuel before it reaches the fuel filter, ensuring only a flow of clean fuel reaches your engine.

Water and contamination displaces diesel fuel’s lubricative coating on the high precision injector components, causing tolerance erosion, surface pitting, fuel pressure loss and poor performance.

The first stage of the fuel water separator uses a pleated paper element to change water particles into large enough droplets that will fall by gravity to a water sump at the bottom of the filter. The second stage is made of silicone-treated nylon that acts as a safety device to prevent small particles of water that avoid the first stage from passing into the engine.

Typical filtration media used in Fuel Water Separators is either a hydrophobic barrier media, such as silicone treated cellulose, or a hydrophilic depth coalescing media, such as glass micro-fibre.

General Hot Selling Products

Fuel water separators come in various models and sizes, each designed to meet specific requirements. The model you choose will depend on the type of engine, the fuel type, and the specific application. The top-selling models of fuel water separators can vary based on the region, application, and specific customer needs. However, some models are universally recognized for their reliability, efficiency, and high performance. 

Commonly Used in Marine Applications

It’s designed to handle the harsh conditions of the marine environment, making it an excellent choice for boats and ships. However, it’s versatile enough to be used in other applications as well, including various types of engines and machinery that require clean, water-free fuel.

Turbine Series

Turbine Series is one of the most popular fuel water separators on the market, such as 1000FH, 1000FG,900FG,900FH,500FH,500FG. These models are known for their durability and high performance. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications.

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