About Oil Filters

Oil filter is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil.
Their chief use is in internal-combustion engines for motor vehicles (both on- and off-road ), powered aircraft, railway locomotives, ships and boats, and static engines such as generators and pumps.

FILTRAFLUX oil filters make sure that dust and any water in the oil won’t harm your engine. They help you avoid the problems that come with low-quality products. Plus, they protect your vehicle’s injection system from wear and corrosion, keeping your engine running steadily and extending the life of the injection system.

Modern engine oil filters tend to be “full-flow” (inline) or “bypass”.

Full-flow Oil Filter

A full-flow system will have a pump which sends pressurised oil through a filter to the engine bearings, after which the oil returns by gravity to the sump.

In the case of a dry sump engine, the oil that reaches the sump is evacuated by a second pump to a remote oil tank.

The function of the full-flow filter is to protect the engine from wear through abrasion.

Bypass Oil Filter

Bypass oil filter systems are secondary systems whereby a bleed from the main oil pump supplies oil to the bypass filter, the oil then passing not to the engine but returning to the sump or oil tank.

The purpose of the bypass is to have a secondary filtration system to keep the oil in good condition, free of dirt, soot and water, providing much smaller particle retention than is practical for full flow filtration.

Oil Filters Catalog

Photo Part No. Dimension Cross Reference
P502016 OFM990001 Φ74*84.5*3/4-16 P502016
P502039 OFM990002 Φ90*100*M20 x 1.5 P502039
P502008 OFM990003 Φ93*143*M26 x 1.5 P502008
P554005 OFM990004 Φ136*308*1 1/2-16 UN P554005
P551807 OFM990005 Φ108*262*1 1/8-16 UN P551807
P551808 OFM990006 Φ136*308*1 1/2-16 UN P551808
P550072 OFM990007 Φ93*93*3/4-16 UN P550072
P502081 OFM990008 Φ108*262*1 1/2-12 P502081
P502465 OFM990009 Φ93*165*M22 x 1.5 P502465
P554403 OFM990010 Φ93*136*3/4-16 P554403
Filters are extensively used in various industries and applications


Automotives and Motorcycles
Public Transportation Vehicles
Marine and Offshore Applications
Constructions and Agricultural Equipments
Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Air Compressors

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We understand the complexities of different industries and their unique requirements. With our dedication to quality, we ensure that your machines and vehicles breathe the cleanest air possible, translating to efficient operations and cost savings.

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