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Truck Air Filter

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Performance with Premium Truck Air Filters.

Are you in search of reliable truck air filters or lorry air filters?

Look no further! Our heavy-duty air filters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of your truck, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

As a trusted air filter supplier, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality filters engineered to deliver superior filtration and maximum airflow.

Enhance your truck’s efficiency and protect its engine with our top-of-the-line truck air filters.

Browse our selection today!

Air Filter for Automobile

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Performance with Quality Filters.

Looking for the perfect air filter for your car?

Our range of automotive filters ensures optimal engine performance and longevity.

From daily commuters to high-performance vehicles, our car air filter replacement options cater to diverse automotive needs.

As a trusted Air Filter Manufacturer, we prioritize superior filtration and airflow to safeguard your engine against harmful contaminants.

Explore our selection of premium filters designed for easy installation and maximum efficiency.

Upgrade your vehicle’s air filtration system today for a smoother ride and improved fuel economy!

air filter for automobile
air filter for automobile
air filter for automobile

Air Filter for Construction Machinery

Ensure Optimal Performance with Quality Filters – At our air filter factory, we specialize in manufacturing premium filters for construction machinery, including forklifts, lawn tractors, and tractors.

Our comprehensive range of air filters is designed to deliver superior filtration, ensuring that your construction equipment operates at peak efficiency.

From dust and debris to pollutants and contaminants, our filters effectively trap harmful particles, extending the lifespan of your machinery and reducing maintenance costs.

Whether you need a forklift air filter, a lawn tractor air filter, or a tractor air filter, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade your construction machinery’s air filtration system today for enhanced performance and durability!

Air Filter for Air Compressor

Upgrade Your Air Compressor’s Performance with Premium Air Filters.

Your air compressor’s efficiency relies on quality air filtration, and our air filter company specializes in providing top-notch solutions.

From air compressor intake air filters to air compressor air filter elements, we offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our selection includes renowned brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, and Kaeser air filters, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Trust our expertise to enhance your compressor’s airflow and protect its internal components from contaminants.

Elevate your compressor’s performance with our premium air filters today!

Air Filter for Agricultural Machinery

Enhance Agricultural Machinery Performance with Wholesale Air Filters.

Discover the key to optimizing the performance of your agricultural machinery with our premium air filters wholesale.

Our comprehensive range of air filters for agricultural machinery ensures superior filtration and protection against contaminants, safeguarding your equipment’s engine and improving overall efficiency.

From tractors to harvesters, our wholesale air filters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of farming operations.

With our commitment to quality and affordability, we provide cost-effective solutions to keep your agricultural machinery running smoothly.

Upgrade your equipment with our wholesale air filters and experience improved performance and durability on the field.

Air Filters Catalog

Photo Part No. Dimension Cross Reference
C31015 AFM660090K 310*130*211 MANN C31015
16137408 AFM660088P Φ197.2*Φ115.9*372.2 ATLAS-COPCO 16137408
16158928 AFM660088S Φ107*Φ90*385 ATLAS-COPCO 16158928
P524838 AFM660053 Φ177.8*Φ343*655.32 DONALDSON P524838
P537453 AFM660054 Φ127*Φ513.08 DONALDSON P537453
P953446 AFM660055P Φ125*281 DONALDSON P953446
PA4820 AFM660056 101*73*70 BALDWIN PA4820
DBA5293 AFM660032P 267*267*331.5 DONALDSON DBA5293
P633484 AFM660032S 286*265*37.5 DONALDSON P633484
DBA5292 AFM660018P 384.6*152*356 DONALDSON DBA5292

WhyChoose Filtrflux?

Welcome to Filtraflux – your trusted air filter factory.

As a leading air filter manufacturer who focuses on air filters which are mainly used for air filtration in Air Compressors, Construction Machinery, Heavy Trucks, etc. been exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East, South America, North America, and Europe, earning widespread acclaim.

Panel, cylindrical, oval or conical filters. Pre-filtration, standard filtration or high-efficiency filtration; whether for heavy machinery or small equipment, discover our complete range of air filters.

Whether you’re in need of an air filter for automobile, truck, tractor, or construction machinery, we’ve got you covered.

Our extensive selection includes air oil separator filters, car cabin air filters, and air compressor air filters, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

From heavy-duty applications to commercial settings, our primary and secondary air filters are engineered to meet the most demanding requirements.

Additionally, our breather air filters and air water separators for air compressors provide efficient filtration and moisture removal, enhancing equipment reliability.

Don’t overlook the importance of air dryer filters and generator air filters for maintaining consistent airflow and protecting sensitive components.

With our range of commercial air filters, including forklift air filters and construction air filters, you can trust us to deliver quality solutions tailored to your needs.

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  • Custom Air Filter: Craft bespoke air filters tailored to your specific needs. 10+ years in industry expertise.
  • One-stop Solution: From product design, manufacturing, to after-sales, we offer comprehensive support throughout.
  • Technical Excellence: Years of OEM experience keep us at the forefront in technology and solutions.
  • Partnership for Success: We value each partnership, striving to provide outstanding OEM services to elevate your business to new heights. Rapid delivery. Right to your doorstep.
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Years of Experience

OEM Air Filter Manufacturer

Filtraflux specializes in offering OEM customization services to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We understand the importance of tailored solutions and the need for products that align perfectly with your specifications and branding.
  • Customized Solutions for Your Brand.
  • Unmatched Quality and Precision.
  • Seamless Integration and Compatibility

The Air filters Producing Process


Air Filter Paper


Folding The Air Filter Paper

Air Filter Core

Be A Air Filter Core By Cut And Glue


Mesh Wire Materail


Mesh Wire Cutted To The Size


Make Mesh Wire To Shell By Machine

Filter Core+Shell

Insert The Filter Core To The Shell


Seal The Filter And Shell

Air Filters

Air Filters Are Finished

Filtraflux: Your Filters Factory !

By choosing Filtraflux Filters Factory, you gain access to Exceptional Quality, Customization Options, Reliable Service and Competitive Price. We prioritize your satisfaction and are dedicated to being your own professional filters factory in fulfilling your filtration requirements.

Favorable Pricing

Having our own raw material factory, grants Filtraflux greater control over the quality and cost to meet your diverse needs.

Fast & Reliable Quality

Filtraflux possesses strong production capacity, rigorous and efficient production process ensures the high quality and speedy delivery.

Variety of Filters

Panel, Cylindrical, Oval or Conical Filters; Pre-filtration, Standard Filtration or High-efficiency Filtration; for Heavy Machinery or Small Vehicles.

Free Smaples

Provide free samples for your inspection or testing, relieving you of any worries.

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